Matthew Godley
Interior Design
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Established for over 30 years, Matthew Godley Interior Design brings a style and individuality to every commission.

Matthew is passionate about colour and creating an elegant and comfortable home for his clients. His work has roots in classical design yet he can equally work in a more contemporary style. This can be seen throughout his portfolio from English estates to London clubs and International apartments for fast City living. Mathew will work in both residential and commercial spaces.

These days design trends pervade interior designers worldwide - resulting in a rather bland and familiar look which doesn't excite the senses. Matthew actively seeks to keep a distinctive style, the end result is original and practical solution that honors the client's brief. This is achieved from the assimilation of 30 years passion for design, art and architecture, antique and contemporary furniture. 

The devil is in the detail - never were a phrase more appropriate in creating the right feel and look. With the rise of good design hitting the high street, today it is more easy to "get the look" without a designer, however it can be daunting, tricky and more complex than it first appears - Matthew is here to act as a consultant to help you over the hurdles. Please don't hesitate to ask about our Design Consultancy Service which includes access to trade discounts.